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Take a deep dive into Canada's oceans with the Adopt-a-Float program.

Come explore the ocean by tracking the progress of a Biogeochemical-Argo (BGC-Argo) float from the laboratory to ocean. Along the way, you'll connect with scientists, learn about key ocean concepts, and realize what it means to be an oceanographer.

Access lesson plans and other resources.

Students, teachers and curious individuals alike are invited to check out our learning materials and classroom resources. These pre-made lesson plans, slideshows, worksheets and more can be fully-tailored to suit your interest and grade level. Come start your unique ocean adventure now!

Explore your float's data and see what it tells you about the state of the ocean.

Interactive data tools allow you to visualize and download data from any BGC-Argo float. Afterwards, you can explore the data to answer the research questions that most interest you.